Pill & Vitamin Organizer Water Bottle

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Product Details:
  • Modern and Stylish pill vitamin organizer keeps your medicines organize and contain your favorite drink
  • You can combine your daily vitamin tablets with your water bottle.
  • By Tablets holder slide can organize your pills weekly and it easily outside the bottle when not attached at the bottle water bottle with a built-in daily pill box organizer.
  • Seven compartment pill organizers for each day of the week.
  • Great way to take your medication while on the go.
  • Combine your daily pill box organizer with your water bottle.
  • The new, sleek in style pill organizer and water bottle is a great change from your ordinary daily medicine/pillbox.
  • Built-in pill organizer with separate compartments for each day of the week.
Product Material Type:
  • High-Quality cup body PC Build
  • High-Quality lid PP Build
  • High-Quality kit PP Build
Product Dimensions:
  • The Pill Organizer Water Bottle holds 600ml of your favorite drink
  • 23 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm

Product Package Includes:


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