Heat Resistant Glass Teapot (Square Shaped)

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Size: 950ml
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Product Details:
  • Using long Boron silicate Glass, Crystal clear, Good texture
  • Strong mechanical strength and
  • Strong performance for fast cooling
  • Hot temperature changes
  • Strong corrosion-resistance against chemicals such as acids and bases
  • Easy to clean and
  • Does not absorb tea taste
  • Can be used to brew herbal tea, black tea, GREEN TEA, Pu'er tea, health tea, craft tea, coffee, and dairy products, etc.
Product Material Type:
  • Long Boron silicate Glass Build
  • Stainless steel Build
Product Color Variants:
  • Transparent
Product Dimensions:
  • 750 mL
Product Package Includes:
  • 1* Heat resistant glass teapot

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