Air vent Stackable & Space-Savvy Pocket Block Food Container (6 pcs)

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 Product Details:
  • Containers are made of plastic hence are a better substitute for glass containers. Multi-purpose and multi-functional with various sizes: Helps you store a variety of things like spices, tea, coffee, sugar, pulses and so no.
    Durable: The product has a long shelf life as it does not wear out easily.
  • Maximizing storage efficiency.
  • Maximized space on shelves in a fridge & a freezer.
  • On the table or inside the cabinet in the kitchen. Used as the container for seasonings.
  • Used as the container for Organizing things.
  • Multi-Purpose: keeping Cereals or grains or any other food leftover in fresh. Keeping Stationery such as pencil, ruler, and eraser.etc.
  • Keeping living goods or crafts such as button, or crochet hooks, etc. Using an outdoor portable box.
Product Dimensions:
  • 3 box with 200ml 
  • 3 box with 370 ml
Product Material Type:
  • Acrylic  
Product Color Variants:
  • Transparent * Multi (Note: Color Will Be Send As Per Availability.)



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