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In Pakistan online shopping is not appreciated as it should be. As the modern era is taking over and the trend of online shopping has started to begin. And with the growing rush of life everyone has started to think about online shopping as an option.

Even though people eagerly want to have their stuff delivered at their doorstep. The fact stopping them from going for it is the lack of high quality stuff available in online stores. The other factor stopping people from going for online shopping is the fear of becoming a victim of online shopping scam.

Reasons affecting online shopping in Pakistan

As discussed above one of the major reasons for not believing in online shopping is encountering an online shopping scam.

Another important yet ignored reason is absence of good customer service in Pakistan. For example if someone goes to buy kitchen accessories from an ordinary market. He could have that returned if he doesn’t like it for some reason. But in an online shopping environment it’s fairly difficult to return something.

If we take kitchenware or household accessories for example. Many of us in Pakistan would preferably buy it offline from an ordinary market. Because none of us would just buy something by just looking at a picture. Knowing that it is going to be hard to return if any issue occurs.

Another major reason is not having comparable prices in Pakistan. Websites over the internet have a fairly large difference of prices for the same product. This makes a non competitive market among online stores.

Issues with kitchen accessories in online stores

Selling kitchenware, kitchen accessories, household or decorative items in Pakistan is not trendy yet. Because of the fact that these products are quite a mess to handle and deliver. 

As the major part of above mentioned goods is made of glass. So the breakage during delivery is normal. But these fragile products are the inevitable component of kitchen accessories. Likewise the products made of stainless steel or copper kitchen accessories.

These delivery issues and breakage of goods refrain both buyer and seller from stepping into online kitchen accessories stores. 

Sometimes due to human error the goods do not get delivered as mentioned on the site. This also creates a negative impression about buying kitchen accessories online. These are some of the many issues regarding the online shopping of kitchenware and kitchen accessories in Pakistan.

Progress in online market in Pakistan

In the previous years the online market for kitchenware, kitchen accessories, kitchen decorative items and household accessories has grown so much. And this is inducing everyone to fill their kitchen accessories cabinet via online shopping.

Online marketers of kitchenware or decorative items have understood the importance of quality service. And this awareness has not only made things simpler but also easy to manage. 

Nowadays both buyers and sellers believe in faceless communication for resolving issues regarding almost everything. Which is making people fearless about online shopping of goods.

Online shopping scam rate is also reducing and high quality kitchen accessories are getting delivered.

 This is also a kind of relief for both buyer and seller. Because this is giving customers ease about buying online. And also making a road map to success for sellers.

Another good gesture shown by the market is availability of minor goods. Now people can almost buy each and everything in an online kitchenware store. And the response of customers is good enough. 

What changes do we need in an online kitchen accessories store?

If we start accepting the fact that the changes should always be welcomed then the progress will skyrocket. Let's accept the fact that we need some major improvements in the digital market of kitchenware and household accessories.

First of all we need to settle down the prices of goods in Pakistan. Secondly there is a lot of room available for quality customer service.

On the consumer end I would suggest then to start believing in online shopping for once. Customers also required to complain about every minor difficulty he/she faced during his/her online shopping experience. 

Availability of high quality kitchen accessories and kitchenware is compulsory by the vendor.


 Sum of the talk is we need improvements on both buyer and seller ends. As the buyer is still fearful about being a victim of online shopping scam and seller is fearful of not getting enough sales to keep running his/her store. 

This can be improved by keeping both ends stable by giving best quality by seller and best response by buyer.

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